Quick guide

Loading screen

When you first load our website into your browser, you will find yourself in the front screen of our site

There you will see the following things:


From the logo on every page of our site, you will be able to go back to the site's homepage.


From the menu, you will be able to choose which page you want to target, view its contents, and search for additional information about all products and services offered by the company, or contact us.

Change language

From the button on the right, you will be able to make settings to change the language of the website. Possible language change options are Bulgarian and English.

Central section

The central section is located at the center of each page you visit. you can learn more about the company's activities, our partners, get to know our team and partners, see the products and services we offer, or find contact information.

Information section

It is at the bottom of every page you visit. From here you can see information about how you can contact us

Mobile version

You can also use Business Software Consult via Smartphone or Tablet. For this purpose, we have developed a mobile version of the site. You do not need to take any action when you open the website to your mobile device.

In the screen you open, you can easily select the main menu by pressing the button ≡

You can find this button on every page you visit. From it you can easily be directed to another page.