About us

Established in 2000, inheriting the 12 year practice of SD "TEMA - DILCHEV and VITANOV". Business Software Consult is specialized in developing and maintaining of software products for labor, payroll, human resources and consulting related to these activities. Our team incudes more than 20 well-qualified consulting experts.

We have more than 500 long-term clients in private and state companies, which work in different fields of the economy.

We guarantee the highest quality of services in all areas related to labor, payroll and human resources.

In the last five years one of the main priority of the company is payroll services.

The long experience and practice of our experts in this area guarantees quality services delivered on time.

We keep contacts with all state institutions related to these activities - National Insurance Institute, National Health Insurance and Ministry of Finance. By creating software products we are completely independent of other companies when it comes to software and technical activities.

We are certified by ISO 27001.


GDPR services and certification services


Core business areas

  • HR Outsorsing

    The users of the software products of our company shall be individually educated how to work with them.

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  • Technical recrutment

    Our qualified experts are ready to help you by their competent consultations.

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  • GDPR

    General Data Protection Regulation - a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data of individuals.

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