About the company


    is established in year 2000, continuing the twelve-year practice of SD "TEMA - DILCHEV and VITANOV" in treatment and maintenance of software in the field of labor, salaries, staff and the consultancy help related to these activities. Our team consists of twenty well-qualified experts-consultants. Our clients of many years are more than 300 private and state companies, which work in different fields of the economy. We guarantee to them correctness, timely and qualified service in all areas related to labor, salary and staff/personnel. In the last five years one of the priorities of the company is the treatment of salaries. The long experience and practice of the experts in this area guarantees qualified service and service on time. We keep official contacts with all state institutions related to these activities - National Insurance Institute, National Health Insurance Fund and Ministry of Finance. By creating software products we are now completely independent of other companies in connection with the software and technical activities.

    Our offices:

      Central office
      City of Sofia,"Dondukov"№82a Boulevard; tel./fax 944 60 97; 43 83 81; 43 93 81; e-mail: office@bsconsult.bg

      Office Boris
      City of Sofia, "Kniaz Boris"№55 street, tel./fax 987 90 56; 987 90 80; 987 90 56; For contacts: Juri Borisov; e-mail: officeb@bsconsult.bg

      Office Vratsa
      Town: Vratsa,"Ivanka Boteva" №16,office №26, p.b. 364; tel. 092/60 387; For contacts: Miroslav Angelov; e-mail: officev@bsconsult.bg

      Office Stara Zagora
      Town: Stara Zagora,"Bratia Jekovi " №57 street, tel.042/4 01 15; For contacts: Rumjan Krumov; e-mail: officesz@bsconsult.bg
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